IHG® Business Rewards

Introducing IHG® Business Rewards. This one-of-a-kind loyalty program that rewards you for every qualified meeting* that you hold at one of our 4,600+ hotels within the IHG® family of brands.



Booker Bonus
Book meetings, events or accommodation on behalf of others between September 1st and November 30th 2017, for events consumed by February 28th 2018 and you’ll earn 50% extra IHG® Rewards Club points with Booker Bonus.

Hold an event in December 2017 and you will earn 100% extra IHG® Rewards Club points.

Plus you will receive 35,000 extra points to spend towards a Reward Night each time you spend $20,000 USD on a single event†.

So, whether you book meetings and accommodation, are organising a social occasion such as a wedding, reunion or family get-together, register now and enjoy more rewards with Booker Bonus.

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